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The brand of hardware is the inevitable trend

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Hardware brand is an inevitable trend, but the timing is not very mature. With the gradual improvement and maturity of hardware market, hardware branding will also be imperative.
The importance of brand, brand construction is a long-term strategic task, store door, window, shelves, display props, clothing, etc. the terminal sales of all parts and hardware door shelves belonging to the brand image, and display software is part of the brand image. Throughout each brand, to achieve a high degree of unity in the hardware and software requirements, to establish a brand image and create sales strong tension, Kotler said the brand is a specific set of features, the seller to the purchaser to provide long-term benefits, services, brands include six aspects: attributes, interests, values, culture, personality and brand users; ten degree theory tells us the brand awareness and reputation will know greatly affect sales.
Zhejiang is the hardware production base, especially in Wenzhou, Taizhou there, but Zhejiang hardware now exists is relatively messy, because the quality and the quality is not clear, it is a cultivation period, when a certain time comes, he will certainly be a messy phenomenon will be talent shows itself. Slowly decrease, good brand must have a good plant to support it, the stability of product quality, will have a grasp of their own, but some enterprises in order to return recently he is likely to do the market in accordance with the proportion of profits, may have a certain product quality above (impact), so only in the fierce inside the market, only those with a strong sense of brand, and those who have a healthy price system a large sales network, the company will be a long time, and this The quality is stable.
Because the threshold of hardware industry is low, including all aspects of the requirements are also slightly lower, which is the main reason for the confusion of hardware market.
However, with the fierce market competition, will gradually standardize, the brand will become apparent, as the building materials industry, he is closely associated with the hardware industry, from the brand perspective, he will like to ware, flooring stores, products to brand products, clear positioning, product can the high-end positioning or low-end positioning, can also establish a brand image through the stores, the brand image is so clear out.
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