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The market share of hardware is reduced in the gap

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Experts in the Guangzhou hardware market have said that the merchants who specialize in hardware business are really hard to make every year, and the sales volume has been reduced by the influence of the financial tsunami. Retail: the influence of the fertilisation housing and the large-scale building materials supermarket is also far behind.
Taikang decoration City, Taikang Road, the huge building materials store can't see the figure of consumers, making the building material city look cold and clear. The hardware store and Pengwei hardware store owner reluctantly said, "there is a large part of the export business, there are many foreign customers to come to order, affected by the financial tsunami, the situation is not good now, we lost some customers, yet continue to customers are also reduced order quantity, some merchants said, because the property market is not up, so the hardware business is also very difficult to start businesses, they put their hopes in the recovery of the property market.
Will the recovery of the property market really bring a transfer to the business owners? Not necessarily, some hardware merchant said: "now the house decoration, a lot of people do not have to buy their own hardware, are generally developers, builders package, our market share is shrinking," in the property market transactions, it is not difficult to see the decoration of the housing more and more (although the supply last year blank Housing, developers in order to rise) to market value, with fine decoration as a tool to attract the attention of consumers, businesses operating in a hardware shop to the international building materials also expressed the same view: "now the market share is more and more small, we did a year than a year."
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